Hello, I’m Erik Brandon

And I love technology, especially when I creatively use it to bring new ideas into reality and create unique experiences for others to enjoy. To showcase, everything I have learned and created to date, I created this portfolio site to display my skills, publish my work, and teach others some of my own creative processes along the way. Both my creativity and curiosity are empowered through personal experimentation with various creative programs and taking courses from learning platforms, such as Udacity, Udemy, and Linda.com. I have also learned many skills from YouTube, online forums, and online documentation. 

To put my creative skills and self-taught knowledge to work, I have built an e-commerce website to display and sell my creative designs on apparel, challenge coins, mugs, posters and tote bags at Fall3nWarrior.com. I have put my graphic design creativity to work in creating logos and building websites for other companies and in creating conceptual designs on several products, such as cars, shoes, and skateboards. Also, I have produced my own video content for social media promotion of Fall3nWarrior and showcased my love of video games at Fall3nWarrior Gaming using my own music creations and royalty-free music for both sites.  My passion for gaming is also displayed in the creation of graphical overlays for fellow gamers and the building of my own unique, mobile game called “The Obstacle”. And finally, I have created simple applications using a few different programming languages, such as C#, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, MySQL, SQLite, PHP, JavaScript, C++ and displaying my images through my own photography.  All in all, the skills and knowledge I have acquired to date are self-taught from my personal use of the internet since my high school graduation with honors in 2015.

And I am always looking to learn, create and share my skills, so if you like what you see, or would like me to put my skills to work for you, please contact me directly.  And thank you for visiting ErikBrandon.com!

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