Abstract Designs

Today, my standard process for creating an abstract design includes the use of grid lines, shape tool, layer blending presets, and other features of Adobe Photoshop. With time and experience, my process has led to countless different abstract designs, the best of which are in the “Recent Abstracts” section of this portfolio page.

Yet, when I created my first abstract design, I used only the shape tool and layer blending presets in Adobe Photoshop. I did not have any plan or process in mind. I just began creating random shapes and filling them in with different gradients while experimenting with the blending presets for each layer until I found something I liked. The blue version of my first design was created at that time. Later, I adapted the design to include additional color palettes found in the “My First Abstract” section of this portfolio page. From my ongoing experimentation with Adobe Photoshop, I feel my abstract designs are even more interesting now. Enjoy! 

Recent Abstracts

My First Abstract

Category: Graphic Design