Automating Instagram With InstaPy

Certificate Of Completion

What Is This Course About?

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What you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to use InstaPy to grow your audience
  • Discover some techniques that are key to becoming an influencer
  • Learn how to use the command line
  • Learn some very basic Python
  • Learn how to target your core audience


  • You don’t need any technical expertise since we’ll cover all the parts step by step
  • Instagram account
  • Any kind of computer
  • Active Internet Connection


InstaPy is the biggest and most popular Instagram automation tool available for free. Its incredible range of features makes it the number one tool to grow your account and target your core audience in the best possible manner.

By simulating human behaviour, it is safer than most paid tools out there while being extremely efficient when it comes to reaching new people and accounts on Instagram. It can like, comment, follow, and offer many more interactions you would have to do yourself to reach a bigger audience.

This is the official course to get you started with InstaPy, the biggest and most popular free open-source Instagram bot.
With nearly 300,000 views on the Medium article, this automation tool is ubiquitous when it comes to Instagram automation.

You will learn how to:

  • Organically grow your account with real followers
  • Get more real engagement on your content
  • Improve your posts and techniques for better growth
  • Use the methods professional growth hacking companies use
  • Use a code editor and Python to create your very own bot

We’ll start from scratch with an introduction of the installation process on different platforms.
Once we’ve installed everything and made sure the bot is working, we will first look at the basic features to get a feeling for what the bot can do. We will talk about some of the limitations and make sure that we pick the right numbers.

Later in the course, we will also look at more complex logic that gives you even more power and allows you to really boost your account.

If you should encounter any problems along the way, there are dozens of people in the GitHub issues section of the InstaPy project that can help you in no time. The most common problems have already been reported, so you can also search a huge list of already solved problems to fix yours.

After this course you will know how to:

  • Set up InstaPy on any popular platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, RaspberryPi)
  • Write a nicely performing bot that organically grows your account
  • Smartly target your core audience
  • Become an Influencer (Nano/Micro/Macro) with your content in your selected area of expertise
  • Use basic Python to setup your bot

As an additional takeaway, every student will get instant access to the soon to be released Guide/Book “Automating Social Media Interactions for Organic Growth” written by the creator of InstaPy, Tim Grossmann and the core contributors of InstaPy.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to grow their social media audience
  • Anyone who wants to become an Instagram Influencer
  • Anyone that wants to leverage InstaPy’s features to its fullest
  • Social Media Managers
  • Startups
  • Social Media Users (Blogger, Youtuber)
  • Instagram Growth Companies

Why Did You Take This Course?

I took the Automating Instagram with InstaPy course to help grow my Instagram following and to learn how to properly utilize InstaPy to automate my Instagram accounts. I discovered InstaPy through a Google search and wanted to learn how to properly install and use the tool to help automate some of the things I was already doing on Instagram. Before finding InstaPy, I was growing my account by manually searching through hashtags and accounts to find potential customers and then liking their content so that they would take a look at my accounts. When I found out that I could perform these same actions using Python, I decided to take the course.

What Did You Learn From The Course?

From the course, I learned how to install Python on different operating systems, including Windows and Linux. I also became familiar with the PIP Package Manager in order to install InstaPy on my system and keep all of the packages up to date. I then learned some of the basics of the Python programming language, which includes its unique syntax. Lastly, I learned how to create different configuration scripts for InstaPy and to execute them on my computer.

How Has The Course Made A Difference?

I now have some basic knowledge and exposure to the Python programming language as a result of taking this course. I have also learned how bots can be utilized to automate repetitive computing tasks. I look forward to learning more about Python and its use cases in the future. I may even use it to create my own projects in the future in order to automate more of my computing tasks.