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What Is Fall3nWarrior Gaming?

Fall3nWarrior Gaming is a website I created to centralize the first-person-shooter-focused video game content that I was publishing to Facebook and Youtube over the past few years. Fall3nWarrior Gaming’s content primarily focuses on first-person-shooter video games and some of the crazy and epic gameplay I have had with friends. Also, I have included tutorials to help fellow gamers improve their in-game skills. Currently, I have created and published four video series called Top 5 Moments of the Week, Fortnite with Friends, The Breakdown, Overwatch: Tactics & Strategies and more. At the time of this writing, my channel has 25 subscribers and over 2,000 views on Youtube, as well as, 23 Followers and almost 10,000 views on Facebook.

Why Did You Create Fall3nWarrior Gaming?

Fall3nWarrior Gaming was created to drive traffic from the first-person-shooter video game content found on Fall3nWarrior Gaming’s YouTube, Facebook and website to my company website, Fall3nWarrior.com. In short, it was another way for me to drive sales to grow Fall3nWarrior’s business and increase charitable donations. I thought the content of both sites would resonate well with other first-person-shooter gamers across the country. So, my goal for Fall3nWarrior Gaming was to bring my passion for playing video games to an audience that would enjoy the content I create and support the same passion I have to “give back.” As both Fall3nWarrior Gaming and Fall3nWarrior.com are still very new, it may take some time to grow the audience. Nevertheless, I will keep delivering more content as long as I continue to play and enjoy video games.

What Are Your Responsibilities?

I am solely responsible for the content creation and daily operations of Fall3nWarrior Gaming. By setting up my computer and recording equipment to capture all of the in-game video content used in my video projects, I create, edit and publish all the video content found on Facebook, YouTube, the Fall3nWarrior Gaming website and other social media sites. Using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere, I create all of the thumbnails, videos and other content for the site. I am also responsible for social media marketing and search engine optimization, both on the web and on YouTube, in order to grow my audience and increase traffic to my videos and other content.

In developing the Fall3nWarrior Gaming website, I have used my previous knowledge of WordPress from creating my first website, Fall3nWarrior.com. Also, I chose a Third-party theme, created the site structure and content and optimized the site before and after the launch. Today, I continue to maintain the site and its contents to keep it running smoothly. Since I am always searching for ways to be more efficient, I am often implementing systems and technology to organize and optimize my project workflow in an effort to increase output and decrease production time, without sacrificing quality.

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