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What Is Fall3nWarrior?

Fall3nWarrior is an online store that designs, prints, and sells patriotic designs on various different products. Each of the 20+ designs that I created for the company can be printed on T-Shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts, Hoodies, Posters, Mugs, and Tote Bags. In addition, 10% of the profits from each sale are donated to a charity of the customer’s choice from a great selection of charities in our Choose-A-Charity Program who also support Veterans, Active Duty Military Members, First Responders, Service Dogs, and more.

The goal of Fall3nWarrior is to increase our donations by increasing the quantity of our orders, which will drive down the unit prices of our products and allow us to pass the savings to the organizations we support, as we grow. The charities in our Choose-A-Charity Program include, to name a few, Make-A-Wish, Hope For The Warriors, Freedom Service Dogs Of America, The 9/11 Memorial & Museum, and many more. To date, we have donated $1,200+ to charity and look forward to donating so much more!

Why Did You Create Fall3nWarrior?

Fall3nWarrior was created to fulfill my desire to make a difference to those who choose to selflessly serve and protect us and the country we love. I wanted to help Veterans, Active Duty Military Members, First Responders, Service Dogs and other related causes as well. My motivation for “giving back” began when, as a young boy, I played a lot of first-person-shooter video games and watched many different war films. With grandfathers who served and shared their WWII War Stories with me and the basic simulation of major military battles in video games and movies, I gained a deep appreciation for those who experienced battles, fought, survived and died for us. With two cousins serving in the military after finishing college and a number of extended family members as first responders and in law enforcement, I was further inspired to do something to give to those who give so much for us. So one day I sat down, opened up Adobe Photoshop and created my first design, which was the “Remember The Brave – Marine Corps. Design.” I shared the design with friends and family who liked it and, at that point in time, I decided to create and launch the website.

After a few years and a couple of website iterations, Fall3nWarrior.com has become a reality and I continue to improve it by adding new products and donating earned profits to make a difference to those who serve. To learn more about Fall3nWarrior.com, feel free to visit the website and check out the “About Us Page” for more information.

When Did You Launch It?

After graduating high school in June 2015, I decided to take a “gap year” and launched Fall3nWarrior.com. I filed the Articles of Organization with New York State in December of 2016. Since then, I have been hard at work growing my company. Even though my “gap year” has been extended and there have been many challenges along the way, I am glad about the path I have taken and continue to look forward to learning more.

What Were Your Responsibilities?

As the Founder and CEO of Fall3nWarrior, I am solely responsible for the business. My responsibilities include website design and maintenance, product design and development, marketing, sales, customer service and fulfillment, day-to-day operations, accounting and so much more. I am learning more and more about graphic design, technology and what it means to run a business.  Also, I have learned about the WordPress Platform, choosing a third-party theme, creating the site structure and content and optimizing the site speed before launch. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing task, along with uncovering different ways to market the products in order to drive donations and fulfill my ultimate goal – to “give back.”  Today, I continue to maintain the site and all aspects of the business to keep everything running smoothly.

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