Programming Fundamentals Certification

Certificate Of Completion

What Is This Course About?

Below is a brief overview from the author of the Programming Foundations: Fundamentals 101 course, copied straight from

This course provides the core knowledge to begin programming in any language. Simon Allardice uses JavaScript to explore the core syntax of a programming language, and shows how to write and execute your first application and understand what’s going on under the hood. The course covers creating small programs to explore conditions, loops, variables, and expressions; working with different kinds of data and seeing how they affect memory; writing modular code; and how to debug, all using different approaches to constructing software applications.

Finally, the course compares how code is written in several different languages, the libraries and frameworks that have grown around them, and the reasons to choose each one.

Topics include:

  • Writing source code
  • Understanding compiled and interpreted languages
  • Requesting input
  • Working with numbers, characters, strings, and operators
  • Writing conditional code
  • Making the code modular
  • Writing loops
  • Finding patterns in strings
  • Working with arrays and collections
  • Adopting a programming style
  • Reading and writing to various locations
  • Debugging
  • Managing memory usage
  • Learning about other languages

Why Did You Take This Course?

I took the Programming Foundations: Fundamentals course because I had an interest in learning how to code that I wanted to explore but wasn’t really sure how to begin. When I learned that my local library provided access to courses at no charge, I decided to take a look at the course offering online and the rest is history.

What Did You Learn From The Course?

From the course, I learned some of the basic concepts of computer programming. I learned about primitive data types, such as strings, integers, floats and booleans. I also learned about operators and how to write conditional statements and loops. Throughout the entire course I learned how to debug my code when things weren’t working properly.

How Has The Course Made A Difference?

Since taking the course I have only expanded my knowledge of computer programming. The basic concepts covered by the course have helped me learn other languages, such as Java, C#, C++, HTML, CSS, Python, MYSQL, PHP and more, by recognizing their own unique syntax patterns and using their documentation to learn about them and their use cases. This course gave me my start on my programming journey and I look forward to learning more as I go!