Python For Beginners

Certificate Of Completion

What Is This Course About?

According to the description of this course on the SoloLearn website and mobile app the description for the Python For Beginners course is:

“Python is a popular, easy-to-learn, and very powerful programming language, which is used in software and web development, data science, machine learning, and many other fields. In this course, we’ll cover the basic concepts of Python, as well as build real-life projects and solve different coding challenges. Python for Beginners requires no prior programming experience, so let’s dive right in!”

Why Did You Take This Course?

Before taking the Python for Beginners course on SoloLearn, I was using another app called Duolingo to learn some non-programming languages out of curiosity. Using Duolingo, I was refreshing my knowledge of Spanish, which I took back in High School, and was also learning new languages, like Italian and Russian. I was enjoying the daily five-minute practice sessions and was making great progress in all three languages, so I decided to see if there was a similar app to Duolingo but for programming languages which is how I found SoloLearn. Before finding SoloLearn, I was already working with Python, so I decided to take the Python for Beginners course to fill in the gaps in my self-taught knowledge. Before taking the course, most of my Python knowledge came from watching video tutorials, googling Python-related questions, and reading articles, which is why I thought this course would be a time-efficient and excellent way to verify that I know and understand the basics of Python.

What Did You Learn From The Course?

This course covered all of the basics of Python, including syntax and primitive data types. It also covered topics such as strings, variables, control flow, lists, and functions. I already knew a large portion of the content covered by this course, especially since I have taken some other programming courses in the past and had some experience working with Python to create my own simple scripts that I wrote to help automate my workflow. With my understanding of object-oriented programming, I quickly picked up many aspects of Python because of my previous experience with other C-based programming languages. Yet, this course served as an excellent refresher for me. I even learned a few new things regarding factorials and exponentiation, which before taking this course, I had never used based on the projects I was working on using Python. This course was overall a great experience, and it helped improve my confidence in my Python skills and fill in the gaps in my Python knowledge.

How Has The Course Made A Difference?

This course has helped me build my confidence in knowing the basics of the Python programming language, and it also helped me fill in the gaps in my self-taught knowledge. My experience with Python so far inspired me to pursue a degree in Web Development because I enjoy working with Python. I now look forward to learning more about it and using it in the future, both personally and professionally, as I progress through my degree program. I also look forward to using Python in the future to solve problems and have a positive impact on the world!