SoundCloud Short Instrumental Compositions

I cannot remember a time when I was not listening to some kind of music. I have enjoyed it so much through the years that, as I got older, I became increasingly interested in making my own music. From learning and playing the cornet in my school band, I now create my own music on my computer, using FL Studio.

The songs below are some of the best songs I created using FL Studio and my Nektar LX25 MIDI keyboard. With the exception of being taught how to play my cornet in the school band, I have no other formal training in music theory or production. Everything I have learned and put into practice comes from tutorials online, personal experience and experimentation. I enjoy seeing how my creations set a mood and impact the listeners of the music I have created!

Cinematic Music

I grew up watching action movies and playing many video games. From these two forms of entertainment, I developed a love for cinematic and epic music, which is often the backdrop of the films and games I have seen and played. Over time, I created a Cinematic Spotify Playlist of all my favorite cinematic and epic songs and it is this list that inspired me to create some cinematic songs of my own.

Why not take a moment and enjoy the epic music I created?

Hip Hop Music

When I was young, basketball was my favorite sport. Often on the court, basketball was accompanied by Rap or Hip Hop Music. Since both Rap and Hip Hop have some awesome beats and rhythm, I thought it would be fun to create some cool and unique sounds of my own.

Below are some of my best Rap and Hip Hop creations. Many of these songs below are purely instrumental and they can be played in a seamless loop.