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What Is Simply Writing Well?

Simply Writing Well is an entrepreneurial firm whose goal is to eliminate the frustration experienced whenever ideas are to be expressed verbally or in writing. Whether their clients purchase their online course, consulting services or guide, entitled “The Insider’s Guide to Simply Writing Well,” they are taught and learn a proprietary, organizational method designed to fully develop their ideas and they are introduced to the best way to present their ideas to their desired audience, verbally or in writing, and on time. Without balancing idea development and the mechanics of writing or presenting, most people feel like the process, the delivery and the final result are not necessarily in their control. However, after applying the Simply Writing Well Process, they are able to create and deliver their message on time and with great confidence and success! Why not take a closer look at what they have to offer?

What Did You Do For Simply Writing Well?

The Simply Writing Well website was originally created on the Wix Platform and I was instrumental in recommending and migrating the Wix site to WordPress, as well as, optimizing the site to meet my client’s long term goals. Having developed sites on both platforms, I know the WordPress Platform has greater flexibility built into its platform. The combination of the lower costs associated with both paid and free plugins and the ability to modify a WordPress site to meet the client’s personal requirements makes it even more attractive. Since my client wanted the options to sell her book through her website or deliver an online course through it, I searched for a WordPress Theme that would do both easily. Luckily, I found a theme that supported both WooCommerce and LearnPress, which gave my client the flexibility she wanted. With these additional capabilities in mind, my client asked me to adapt the content of her Wix Site to the new WordPress Theme. Finally, when the migration was done, I purchased and set up her domain name and hosting. Also, I configured her webmail accounts, set up Google Analytics, indexed her site with Google Search Console and launched the site. After the launch, I continued to optimize the website’s speed by installing caching and minification plugins. Today, I keep the site’s plugins up-to-date and assist with content changes and other issues when they appear.  My client is so glad she followed my recommendations for both the site and the logo I created!