The Obstacle

“The Obstacle” Is A Casual Mobile Game With One Simple Goal…

Dodge & Overcome As Many Obstacles As Possible!

How To Play

Tilt your device and roll the red ball on the platform. With more and more Obstacles coming in randomly, at different speeds and from different directions, simply slip the red ball through the randomly-placed hole in each Obstacle to survive. But, if you miss one opening, the ball will be either swept off or crushed between two Obstacles and the game is over. Yet, if you do get swept off or crushed by the onslaught of Obstacles, DON’T SWEAT IT! You will get more chances to play because . . .

“The Obstacle” Is Easy To Learn, Yet Hard To Master.

Main Features


Current Features:

  • 2 game modes (Normal & Nightmare).
  • 11 achievements to unlock.
  • 2 leaderboards to track your high score and compete with other players.
  • Share your high score on social media.
  • Listen to your own music while you play by disabling the in-game music.
  • Color-blind accessible color palette.

Coming Soon:

  • Experimental game modes
  • Language localization

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